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ksema research

  • Research driven and disciplined
  • Identification of global & local economic trends and spotting sectoral and stock trends
  • A mix of Top-down and bottom-up approach to identify under-valued sectors and stocks
  • Constant monitoring of companies to detect any variations/deviations from projected financial performance
  • Actively manage client assets while minimizing portfolio risk and maximizing returns
  • Our goal is to ensure preservation and enhancement of client’s capital in a manner consistent with their investment objectives.

idea generation

When it comes to risk assessment, we ensure the clients are aware of three kinds of risks and we have created processes to handle them effectively.

Market Risk

  • Dynamic asset allocation and market diversification
  • Regular portfolio monitoring and weights adjustment
  • Monitoring portfolio level as well as the stock level

Liquidity Risk

  • Liquidity at both Security level and portfolio level is closely monitored and aligned with overall portfolio’s risk profile
  • Portfolio liquidity is also relatively evaluated with respect to the investor and concentration in a particular theme
  • Changes in market volume and the impact costs are closely tracked

Operational Risk

  • Risk Management Committee, which has members from all departments, reviews firm wide operational and cross-functional risks
  • Firm wide incidents are recorded, the root causes and the impacts are analyzed
  • The preventive and corrective actions are closely tracked at Board/Committee Level

process control and monitoring

The company has a strong investment committee which is vested with the responsibility of approving individual stocks for investment. KSEMA invest only in stocks that has passed the rigorous selection process and are part of the approved stock universe. The process involves detailed sector study, fundamental research of the company, management and the competitive landscape.

effective execution

Transparency is of utmost importance when it comes to portfolio management. We ensure we provide a monthly performance report to all clients which include:

  • A portfolio statement
  • A transaction summary
  • A fact sheet of the portfolio including a synopsis of the portfolio, market review and future outlook, portfolio monthly review and sectoral allocation and top holding

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