Research Input

Research is the backbone of the process of management of Portfolio. We conduct primary and secondary research to stay ahead of the market.
We meet with the company management through concall/direct to assess our estimations. The valuation methods of DCF/DDM/Relative methods are commonly used.

Portfolio Monitoring & Control

The built portfolio is constantly monitored for the path set at the initiation and altered if required during the time period. Rebalancing process kicks in when the macro trend changes or stock level parameters are violated.

Parameter for Sector & Stock Selection

We set parameters for portfolios based on the fundamental dynamics that fits the return objective.

Designing Portfolio

Portfolio is designed with the given set of parameters at sectoral and stock level keeping in mind the return objectives.

Structure Portfolio

Based on the portfolio design set, stocks are selected that meet the criteria of risk and returns with a holding time frame of 3 yr to 5 yr.

Risk Management Process

Market Risk

Dynamic asset allocation and market diversification
Regular portfolio monitoring & weights adjustment
Portfolio level as well as stock level.

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity at both Security level and portfolio level is closely monitored and aligned with overall portfolio’s risk profile.
Portfolio liquidity is also relatively evaluated with respect to the investor and concentration in a particular theme.
Changes in market volume and the impact costs are closely tracked.

Operational Risk

Risk Management Committee, which has members from all department, reviews firm wide operational and cross-functional risks. Firm wide incidents are recorded, the root causes and the impacts are analyzed and the remedial preventive and corrective actions are closely tracked at Board Level


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