Services Offered

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We at Ksema Wealth management provide discretionary serviceswhich allow the clients to entrust the day-to-day management of their investment portfolio to us within agreed and set parameters. This Service allows for comprehensive and continuous portfolio management from an investment professional. The client’s portfolio will be closely monitored to ensure that it continues to be invested in accordance with their risk parameters and strategic objectives.

We will discuss the investment objectives and risk appetite during our introductory meetings where we formulate the guidelines for managingthe clientsportfolio. This is done by putting together a Client Profile. Our investment decisions are then made within these parameters as set out in the Client Profile and our mandate is periodically reviewed with the clients.

Once the Discretionary portfolio is established we will provide the clients with comprehensive records and reports on a monthly basis or as requested by the clients. The clients will be kept fully briefed on the performance of their investments through regular portfolio reviews and valuations.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

Under this service, the clients have absolute discretionary power to decide whether to buy or sell the stocksrecommended by the portfolio manager.These services include providing investment advice to the client and the client on the portfolio strategy, investment and divestment of individual securities in the clients’ portfolio.
Portfolio manager will however administer the investment of the clients and also provide the total custodian services.

Advisory Services

Under these services, we only provide ideas for investment. The choice as well as the execution of the investment decision rest solely with client.

We also undertake special advisory services for corporate to manage their treasury and strategic requirements.

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